Dear Sean – When Kathy and I decided last Spring that it was time to sell her parents’ house, we had to start completely from scratch. We didn’t know any real estate agents or contractors, we didn’t know the local regulations, and we knew we would have to do most of the work remotely from our home in Menlo Park.

Fortunately someone referred you to us and it made the whole project manageable. At our first meeting you helped me think through exactly what we needed to do in order to both clean out the house and then prepare it to be listed. You referred me to contractors that were reliable and thorough (especially Patrick, what a gem!). Throughout the summer with your guidance I felt confident that we were doing the right tasks in the right order.

Although we were all anxious about the weak market when it came time for listing, I appreciated your careful analysis of how to think about pricing and your thoughtful coaching to Kathy and I so that we could come to a pricing decision. And then it sold in a week! I know we can attribute much of that success to the right house and the right buyer and the right price, but I’m also well aware that it was your skillful conversation that brought the buyer and her agent to a decision.

I can’t imagine finishing this project without your management of the flow of paperwork! You were very patient with all our questions and with making sure that every “i” was dotted and every “t” was crossed.

I was thinking last night that in my first meeting with Sean he said if we got to work that it was possible to have it all done by Thanksgiving. It was a prescient remark since the title recorded last Wednesday! I think it’s remarkable that we got it all done in less than six months.

Thank you for all your help.



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